discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Sunday, 15 March 2015

The family tomato chutney...I could be killed for giving out this recipe

I originally posted this recipe on 17/11/13 but thought with so much tomato action going on it might be worth re-posting it for you :D

If I go missing over the next few days, you might want to send a search party out as what I'm about to do might ruffle some family feathers!  But, I have the permission of the grand master, Mama herself, so it with her blessing that I give you our treasured tomato chutney recipe.
I don't think she realises the potential consequences but I'm a giver so I'm rolling with it.  Mama is hanging up her apron for making this chutney, well so she said.  She did say that last year and the year before that but she still gets tempted late summer as the last of the tomatoes are needing using up.  I've been making it with her for about 5 years now, and this time I did it all flying solo.  So here is the recipe, but be warned there are many notes and tips!! Like when I shared mama's scones last month.  This recipe is really best when the tomatoes are lovely and ripe, full of juice.  We don't normally make it this early as the season isn't in full swing, but I got my hands on some tomatoes that fit the bill and I also wanted to give some for christmas gifts to friends and family.

Tomato Chutney
4kgs ripe tomatoes
1 1/2kgs onions, peeled and chopped roughly
4 granny smith apples, peeled, quartered and cored
4 cloves of garlic
1.25kgs of sugar (I know....)
180ml ezy-sauce*
3 tbspn salt
1 dspn dry mustard powder, we use keens
1 dspn dry curry powder, we use keens
3 tbspn cornflour
optional extra: when making this in the middle of summer, I have added a zucchini and capsicum or two if I have them in abundance.  You just blitz them with the onions and apples.

There are two schools of thought, the first is Mamas, and that is that the quantities for the tomatoes, onions and apples above are brought and peeled, skinned, cored and the like and then made.  I actually took the time to weigh what was taken off, like the onion peels, and the difference in weight was nearly 700g of skin.  So, I brough 5kgs of tomatoes, 5 granny smith apples and 2kgs of onions and used 20ml more ezy sauce and a bit more of the powders, say 1/2 a tspn more of each. You also will need to taste it at the end for salt and pepper.  It is better to taste it when cold, so put a spoon or two into the fridge and then taste it.
Now lets get in to it.  I work methodically when making this chutney, doing one thing at a time.  Now my way isn't the only way, I'm just telling you how I do it with the greatest of speed and  keeping things clean as we go.  I find it very important to have a clean kitchen, an empty sink as you need room.  I also have a small kitchen so it has to be this way otherwise I'm doomed from the get go.
  I start with the tomatoes first as they take the longest.  You need to peel them and the easiest way I find to do this at home is to empty out the vegie crisper from your fridge and use this.  You need to start by coring and scoring your tomatoes.  This helps the skin to come off easily once they have been covered with boiling water.
The tomato with the core out.  Use a paring knife.
Scoring the tomato, use a paring knife.  
A sharp one will even be better!
As you are scoring and coring, cut out any imperfections in the tomatoes too.  
As you go along scoring and coring add the tomatoes to your vegie crisper
Make sure to cover your toms with boiling water.  
 just fill and boil the kettle a few times
Cover them with a tea towel
This is what the tomato looks like after around 5-10 minutes in the water
While you are waiting for the tomatoes and water to do their thing, get to peeling all the onions, then the garlic and apples.  Blitz them finely in a food processor and put into a large stock pot.  My pot would have to hold around 20 litres.  
Peel all the tomatoes the start dicing them up.  Make sure to scoop up and of the juice that come out on the board, use your knife to get those juices into the saucepan.

Sprinkle the tomato and onion mix with the salt and give it a good stir.  Here's a little tip we do but I don't quite know why it works. So, get 2 20c pieces and put in a cup and pour over boiling water to sterilise them.  Add them to the pot.  So the family wives tale is that the coins stop the chutney from sticking.  I've never had it stick, nor has Mama so I'm keeping the tradition.  When they come out they are black(I'm not thinking about where the shine has gone!!), make sure you get them out and don't put them in someones chutney!

Back to the sprinkling of the salt, ok now you have added the salt and the coins bring it up to a boil, on medium heat.  Once it reaches the boil, add the saugar and ezy sauce and mix well.  I use a rubber spatuala to get the sides of the pot clean after each stir, but you don't have to be as anal as me.  Use a wooden spoon or a large stainless kitchen spoon (in picture above on left balancing on the pot handle) as it needs to get down to the bottom of the chutney each time you stir.  I don't 100% trust the coin theory, you still need to stir every 5-10 minutes, just to make sure.  While you are waiting, get all your glass jars ready.  Giving them a good wash and rinse.  I used 17 of various sizes but more were on the smaller size.  The ones I use are 400g or under, some even 250g.  I personally prefer using smaller jars over large ones like 700g jars, as then I can share it with more people and the chutney stays fresher rather than a huge amount to get through once the jar is opened.

*Ezy-sauce is found in the supermarket in the isle with the condiments like tomato sauce and Worcestershire sauce.  It is a sauce and condiment recipe mix and the ingredients listed are water, food acid, ground black pepper, clove oil and chilli.  When measuring out, make sure you give the stubbie a good tip upside down and up again to mix well.
Simmer/boil rapidly for approx 2 hours.  It should be reduced by around a 1/3 and be not too watery.  
Mix the powders and cornflour together with a few tbspns of water, making sure to get any lumps out.  Also turn the oven on to 150c to get hot for the glass jars to get sterilised.  Add the cornflour/curry mix to the chutney and stir in well.  It is helping to thicken and flavour the chutney.  Let it bubble away for 5 minutes then put a few teaspoons worth in the fridge and taste.  You may need more salt, or some pepper or more curry.  Last year I made a spicer batch, adding a few birdseye chilli's and only 1kg of sugar and it was lovely.
Place jars in hot oven for 5 minutes, you need to put hot sauce into hot jars.  I use a ladle and a measuring jug with a spout to get the chutney into the jars. Beware it is very hot!
This chutney is great teamed up with so many things but a few of my favourite uses are with cold meat, tasty cheese, frittatas, on toast on its own, any sort of pastry dish like sausage rolls or pies.  

So, there you have it.  Secret is out.  I'm going to keep making this a few times a season, at least.  I love the many requests I get for a jar, so don't feel like you have to put me out of a job!!  Do you have a family recipe that will be taken to the grave?  I'm so glad I have the opportunity to get these gems documented.  And to my family, please don't be cross!

Ciao, Jan


  1. Good post. Covered everything. Dont you sprinkle salt over onions for 12 hours?

    1. We never leave the salt on the onions, but I have read recipes that they do, so your choice :)

  2. I have been using Ezi Sauce to make my tomato chutney for years; but have noticed a change in flavour for the last 2 years. Less flavour, watery, lacking the usual kick. Several friends have made same observation, some no longer use Ezi Sauce, preferring to use other recipes. Any one else noticed this? Suggestions to remedy this.

    1. I haven't noticed this at all. The only thing I'd recommend is when you get to the stage of adding the cornflour mix, you could add some extra spices found in ezi sauce. I'll see how mine tastes this year.

  3. Hehe well I hope that nothing happens to you lovely! ;) This looks fantastic! Where are the labels from? They are so cute! :D

    1. Aren't the labels gorgeous - a friend brought them for me from Kikki K - I need some more!

  4. Hi Jan - I'm licking my lips looking at this! We don't have really good tomatoes here until August - I can't wait!

  5. How could your family be cross with such a kind and generous person in their midst - Caring is Sharing - so thank you! My Mum does a great Green Mango Chutney, I'll get that up on my blog one day - meanwhile loving this tomato recipe of yours - thank you! x

  6. Just checking in that you're still alive and kicking! You're lucky you got the recipe at all - when I ask my Mum she says - oh I don't know, its just a bit and a bit of infuriating. That is one massive pot - the largest I have is 8 litres. The chutney is gorgeous - and like you said it goes with everything.

  7. I love this chutney! I've saved the recipe but I won't tell a soul. :)

  8. Reading this in Apr' 15 -Agree Ezy-sauce ain't what it used to be back in 1970's - Definitely got weaker after the originator sold his interest! I've had a bottle on the shelf for about 5 yrs but am now about to make this recipe. U just can't buy a decent chutney in the supermarket - "Mrs Ball's" is quite good though -at a price -

  9. Such tempting and wonderful pictures!!! Chutney looks hot!! i just love the color of the tomato ....
    tomato and chilli chutney recipe

    1. I can hardly wait for this years chutney = tomato heaven!

  10. Thank you for sharing your recepie I have made it today did my own tweeking only 1kg of sugar 3 apples and a shake of curry and ground mustard seeds. My kitchen smelled wonderful this afternoon. So pleased with the result. Will use again

  11. First of all, I would like to thank you for sharing the tomato chutney recipe. I used your given steps to make the tomato chutney at my home. It was so tasty and delicious. Good post covered everything. Tell me one thing can I add some sugar in tomato chutney.

    1. so pleased this helped you :) yes you add 1.25kg of sugar to the chutney.

  12. Making your chutney today Jan.
    I live in tassie and I was given a large amount of tomatoes!
    My nanna used to make relish every year for herself and the family, now it's my turn to continue the tradition.
    Can't wait to taste it this afternoon!!

    1. That's great, I really hope it worked out and tasted delicious!!! x

  13. Hi Jan
    I'm making your famous chutney today!!
    I Can't wait to try it and share it with my family and friends!

  14. good step by step pictures..looks so yum and tasty so delicious. thankyou for shearing. thankyou for shearing this information with us!chowringhee satyaniketan


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