discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Saturday, 27 December 2014

a photo a day for the month of December - week 4

It's that time again, and here is week 4 of the photo a day for December challenge...although there will be 3 more days on new years day :)

Day 22: "tis the season" to send cards and little presents

Day 23: "tree"

Day 24: "colour"

Day 25: "celebration" my christmas table

Day 26: "animal"

Day 27: "I like..." food :D

Day 28: "book" me in for lots of garden greens to wash away the gluttony!

I hope you are all having a great Christmas time and see you all in 2015!

Ciao, Jan

Sunday, 21 December 2014

a photo a day for the month of December - week 3 and a Merry Christmas from me

Can you believe it's the 21st of December!!  Buckle in for the ride in the next few days!!
Here is the 3rd weeks installment of the photo a day for the month of December.  You can see week 1 here  and week 2 here

Day 15: "super" chuffed with how my little project without a pattern turned out

Day 16: "beautiful"

Day 17: "sunshine"

Day 18: "sign" of rain

Day 19: "something to be happy about" I found this in my daughters school workbook, touched my heart

Day 20: "food" I love this time of year: fresh basil and garlic from the garden with home made pizzas

                                    Day 21: "this is interesting..." 
                                               our new chook 
                            house my clever husband has made out of 
                   an old swind set...very interesting process: more on the blog 
                                              in the new year

I did plan on doing some more blogging but unfortunately I have to say my Merry Christmas' now.  I'm having 14 people for Christmas lunch and there is lots to do before Thursday.  My health hasn't been very good so I need to pace myself :)

This past week has also had some terrible news stories that have touch so many of us, both in Australia and around the world.  My heart goes out to all involved and I think it's a timely reminder to give your loved ones that extra hug or I love can change in the blink of an eye.

Ok, lighten up Jan!!  What I really wanted to say was to all who pop in and read my blog, take the time to leave comments and even the ones of you who don't, a heart felt Merry Christmas to you all.  I hope you enjoy the break, if you are lucky enough to get one, and relax and recharge.  If like me, you are hosting a big whoohaa on the day, try and remember it is all about being together, not how perfect everything has to be, well that's my mantra anyway.


Ciao, Jan x

Monday, 15 December 2014

a photo a day for the month of December - Week 2

   Wow the weeks are zipping past aren't they.  I've been doing lots of Christmas baking, card writing and crocheting: I will do a post later this week with all that's been going on in my world lately.  But for now, here is week 2 of the a photo a day challenge.  

Day 8: "simple pleasure" the last of our broadbeans...
I just love their little natural cosy looking beds

Day 9: "decoration" made for me by a dear clever friend

Day 10: "closed door"

Day 11: "something red"

Day 12: "skyline" 
this is how being mindful gets you to be in the right place at the right time :D

Day 13: "much loved" :)

Day 14: "drink"

So that's week 2 down, I haven't even taken a look at this weeks words yet, must go and get inspired.

I'm sure all of you are in the full swing of the Christmas silly season.  I hope you have time to take a breath, relax and enjoy the moment in the coming weeks as it really is about taking stock of the year that's been, indulging and taking time to be with those near and dear.

Oh, and I have to confess I totally dropped out of the 52 week money challenge many, many weeks ago.  I really loved the idea of it but I just found as the weeks got higher as did the money to put away, I just couldn't afford it.  I wonder if anyone actually finished it? Of course I'm disappointed now but nevermind :)

Ciao, Jan.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

a photo a day for the month of December - week 1

In and effort to get back into being more mindful, living in the moment and blogging, I remembered how much I loved doing the photo a day back in June which you can see here (where have those 5 months gone!).  Fat mum slim blog does this challenge every month, and here is a look at Decembers inspirational words.

I won't post each day but at the end of each week, so here is a look at my week one.

Day 1: "Fruit"

Day 2: "Grass"

Day 3: "Pop!"

Day 4: "Free" there really is nothing quite like watching a dog free to roam the beach.

Day 5: "me" my daughter drew this picture :D

Day 6: "joy is ......" looking through my nan's recipe books

Day 7: "weekends are for......." gardening, cooking and picking - although that's also most days!

This challenge really makes you look at the little things hidden in each day that we either miss being too busy or are distracted to notice.  It makes me be present and remember how beautiful our lives are with so many blessings and things to be grateful for :)

Ciao, Jan x

Monday, 1 December 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's been along time between drinks here on my blog.  I really lost my blogging mojo this year.  Lots of reasons really, but the main ones were a lack of motivation and feeling like I didn't have much more to say.....and probably looking too much at other peoples blogs and feeling like what difference did my opinion and contribution make?  I'd like to say I'm back, raring to go and will be here as often as I was before, but I can't make that promise.  What I can say is how much I have missed it and the creative outlet it allowed me.

Today was the 1st of December and I'm happy to say I just love Christmas.  I made my first batch of baby fruit mince tarts today, purely for the pleasure of a dear friends enjoyment but gosh I love making them.

I've also been crocheting my heart out, I just love the process and looking for new projects on Youtube, due to my brain not liking the written pattern :)  Here is some of the items bringing me so much pleasure.

Baby beanie and booties....almost made me clucky...almost ;)
Christmas star for bunting or a single ornament

I'm hosting Christmas this year and am looking forward to lots of goodies from the garden and lots of time with loved ones, related and unrelated alike.

But for now, what ever the future brings for my blog, it's lovely being back :)

 Ciao, Jan

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

when life gives you lemons....make cordial

We were gifted a big load of lemons recently.  The only problem was that they were on their way out so I needed to use them up quickly.  I had a great little helper squeeze over 50 lemons and I made a sugar syrup - 2 parts sugar to 1 part water - to make the best lemon cordial I've ever tasted!!  I also sliced them up and froze them to be ready for an addition to a summer drink.

I've also been crocheting: tea cosies, a cushion and beanies.

The spring garden is cranking at full steam so we are enjoying picking each day - there really is nothing like wandering around the garden, and planning your meal from what you have.  This year our indoor hot house (aka back room) has worked a treat to raise the seeds.  The first of the tomatoes are in, bring on summer!
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