discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

52 week money challenge

While many of us are in the full swing of thinking about Christmas, I'm thinking of the new year and just want to share with you a Money Challenge I will be undertaking as of January 1 and would love any of you to join me. 

 What if I told you by this time next year you could save more than $1,300?  Would you be keen then?  What if I also told you, you won't notice the amount you will need to commit to saving?  Here it is in black and white, the 52 week Money Challenge which a friend on Facebook shared with me.

All you need is a large glass jar or go and get yourself a big money box.  I figure many of you will be hitting the shops in the next few weeks, put it on your shopping list.  You are more than welcome to open an online account and transfer the money electronically each week if you can't trust yourself to have the discipline of not using the money.  Under NO circumstances are you to use this money!! comprendre!? 

Print off this sheet if you want to or mark each week on your calendar.  Of course, in the early weeks, you can put in more than say $2 for Week 2, you might do $5 instead especially if you feel you will struggle at the end of the challenge with the 40 and 50 week allotment.  Keep a tally and you can minus that off those weeks as you go.  So if the first week of January you put in $21, put a line through week 50 and make it $30 instead, hope that makes sense.   You don't have to, just stick to the same amount of money as the week of the year and you will have a cool $1,378 next year to either make your emergency fund, pay down on any debt, pay school fees/uniforms/shoes or just for a rainy day.

I will post this again the week before new year and again on Week 1 as a reminder, but I just thought it's a good chance to start thinking about it.  Every week I will remind you, follow me on facebook or keep and eye out on the blog for reminders.  I'm so excited!! This to me seems so easy and painless with a lovely reward at the end of the year.

Where in the money.....

Ciao, Jan


  1. Hey Jan
    This is a great idea and one II have seen before. One other person I saw did it the other way around as they had less money at the end of the year.
    We have a deficient at the start of the year as hubby doesn't get much work in the early part of the year but lots towards the end, so this is s good one for us.
    Sign me up!

  2. Good on you Rob! Welcome aboard :D It really can fit to whatever works for your family, the main thing is that as long as at the end it all evens out, you will benefit the most!! Jan x

  3. I can't wait to see how you do Jan! I'm wishing you lots of luck although I don't think you'll need it :D


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