discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Thursday, 19 September 2013


PB's Markham Console (as bar with vintage wine crate storage) ~ screenporch

I've started a stockpile. I've never done it before, never felt the need, never knew the concept existed until I stumbled across it recently. Don't get me wrong, I buy multiples of things on special but have never concentrated on building up supplies.  But over the past month or so I've been allowing $10-$20 per week to start my stockpile.  I got a nice little tax return and invested some into it as well.  I'm buying items we always use when they are on special, or the great multi buy that the supermarkets are force feeding us lately.  But its not a bargain if you don't need or use it, remember that. Don't go nuts buying 58 cans of tinned tomatoes if you hardly use them. 

Love this pantry! I'm a sucker for chalkboards by antoinette

I'm not a dooms day preper and unfortunately in Australia we don't have coupons so I'm not an extreme couponer, I'm just wanting to save some money where I can really. It also helps that I love to grocery shop, scouring the aisles for a bargain.  I'm going to also ramp up our preserving this summer as the benefits of jarring homegrown goodies can be benefited all year.  We are still using the tomato passata and chilli sauce we made last summer and we should get through to the new season almost upon us.  If the stockpile helps us through some uncertain times in the future, well wouldn't that be great.  

When I did the decluttering challenge last month, I cleared out an old meat safe that housed some linen, cleaned up the linen cupboard so the linen could be re-homed which left me with a good sized cupboard to use. So what's in my growing stock? All your usual suspects really.  Dish washing detergent, paper towel,  toilet paper  washing powder(I really must try making my own....any one done it or doing it??), tissues, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, glad wrap, foil, pasta, noodles, flour, yeast, jam, tinned fruit, oil, cooking oil spray, rice crackers,  Vegemite,  honey, peanut butter, soy milk, wraps, rice cakes, homemade passata and a few other odds and sods.  And where I can they are all Australian made/owned. And the sad truth is I'm hooked!!  It makes me feel safe and secure for some unknown reason.

If you do want to start a stockpile, find a designated spot for it.  You might keep all the laundry 'stock' in the laundry if you are short on space.  Don't keep it in the day to day food pantry area though, it needs to be separate to what you use each day.  But it could be the bottom shelf of your pantry if there really is nowhere else, in the garage, linen cupboard or under the bed!! My mother in law has hers in the spare bedroom built in robe.  But there are a few things you should keep in mind.  

                                    Pantry.  Love the green accents by megan

Only buy what you eat in reality, will the kids really eat 5 boxes of weetbix when they love nutrigrain?  You would benefit with making a list of all the non perisable things you normally buy each week and have a rough idea of what each item usually costs.  Then when you are doing your shop look out for these items on sale.  Take your time to build up your supplies, buying a little or allowing a $ amount extra each week will get you well on your way.  Make sure you also rotate your stock, first in first out to avoid any spoilage and wasted money.  Group items together, so all dishwashing liquids together, all pasta together and so on.  Also, don't forget you can stockpile your freezer too.  Freeze leftovers or do a big cook up on the weekends to ease the load during the week.  Eat from your stockpile, don't just put it in the cupboard and forget about it.  I'm using it this week instead of doing a big shop, apart from fresh fruit & veg, it should save us $150 I'm guessing.

I think the biggest tip I can give you that will really help you save money is to look at your supplies and do up a menu plan for the week or fortnight with it in mind.  Make meals stretch over 2 meals if you can and make eggs or vegetarian meals at least once a week.  With the growing price of meat, eggs are awesome with plenty of bang for your buck. Who wouldn't enjoy an omelete, frittata or even poached eggs on toast for an easy mid week dinner when time is short, its really a nutritional saviour.

Do any of you stockpile? Are you keen to start one? Go on, give it a go.

Ciao, Jan


  1. I tend to stockpile when things are on sale, especially things that are usually pricey. I have been thinking about stockpiling things like toilet paper & tissues, etc for a while now, so might start doing that to. Thanks for the reminder x


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