discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Monday, 1 December 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's been along time between drinks here on my blog.  I really lost my blogging mojo this year.  Lots of reasons really, but the main ones were a lack of motivation and feeling like I didn't have much more to say.....and probably looking too much at other peoples blogs and feeling like what difference did my opinion and contribution make?  I'd like to say I'm back, raring to go and will be here as often as I was before, but I can't make that promise.  What I can say is how much I have missed it and the creative outlet it allowed me.

Today was the 1st of December and I'm happy to say I just love Christmas.  I made my first batch of baby fruit mince tarts today, purely for the pleasure of a dear friends enjoyment but gosh I love making them.

I've also been crocheting my heart out, I just love the process and looking for new projects on Youtube, due to my brain not liking the written pattern :)  Here is some of the items bringing me so much pleasure.

Baby beanie and booties....almost made me clucky...almost ;)
Christmas star for bunting or a single ornament

I'm hosting Christmas this year and am looking forward to lots of goodies from the garden and lots of time with loved ones, related and unrelated alike.

But for now, what ever the future brings for my blog, it's lovely being back :)

 Ciao, Jan


  1. Love your crocheted Christmas bunting....I'm a big fan of Christmas celebrations.

  2. Jan all your crochet looks amazing and I love it all. The baby beanie and booties is beautiful and I loved the Christmas tree bunting and the star and the stocking. You have been busy haven't you. I'm loving doing mine. I babysat last night for 2 hours and after the kids were in bed I sat for an hour doing my crochet. So enjoyable. Have a good week. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

    1. Thanks Kathy, we can be mad hookers together!! hehehe

  3. You have some very lucky recipients of those lovely gifts! :D

  4. loving the baby fruit mince pies...just glorious...I have just found your blog (which is lovely by the way..) - it does get a little disheartening when you go blog hopping and see all the clever people out there. However there is room for everyone to have their little corner; I look forward to reading more of yours. Mx x

  5. that's very sweet, and yes, there is room for all of us, I think now I'm being more honest and keeping it real to me. Thanks for commenting and popping by...will check out your blog too x


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