discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Monday, 17 February 2014

A kneady sour dough update and week 8 of the money challenge

I had a play around with the sour dough recipe on the weekend and had such exciting results, I just had to share.  So instead of baking in my oven I baked it in my camp oven like I do for my no knead bread but still following the 4 step process, with such amazing success,  I'm as happy as a mother with a new born....I may have even nursed it like a baby I was so chuffed!  Here are some pictures :D

Now I've shared my baby photos, just a reminder it's week 8 of the  52 week money challenge :D

I also had a wonderful experience of being interviewed by a fabulous, positive Southwest Victorian online mag ~ Bluestone Magazine with an article on me :D  They are 2 ladies showcasing our immensely diverse community of food producers, artists, local hero's and opinion pieces that are well researched and heart felt.    It was a very humbling and heart warming experience.  You can read the article here.  Watch this space for when I turn the tables and find out the whole Bluestone story in coming weeks.  I'd like to also take this time to thank all of my readers and supporters for turning up and reading my ramblings that have kept me sane.  Mwah!

Ciao, Jan.


  1. I just read the article (and indeed the magazine)--awesome! It is a lovely piece about your journey, and I loved the photos of both you and the one of you and Dean. The garden looks amazing as well!
    Well done Jan!
    That sourdough camper bread looks divine! Do you need to follow both the principles for the SD and then the camper one?
    Congratulations again on the piece--it is the quiet achievers that make the world go around my love!

    1. Thanks Rob xxx you are a love.
      As for the sour dough, you follow the sour dough through the 4 step process then just cook it as you do the no knead bread. I can't wait to get another one on the go, well worth the time.
      love Jan x


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