discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Monday, 26 May 2014

bean poached eggs ~ it doesn't get more frugal than this!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm very lucky to have fellow foodies as friends and we love sharing recipes, home grown produce and little things we find on our travels.  We can talk endless about food and are always dreaming up the next meal while still consuming the current one.  I'm lucky that my husband and daughter love doing this too. One of my treasures I was given awhile ago, where these chilpotle peppers.  They come in a  100g tin and are easily added to lots of dishes, giving a smoking kick, but this dish I'm sharing really has to be the simplest yet one of the yummiest frugal meals we have been eating lately.  It's perfect for a Friday night nosh up or when you really, really need to go to the supermarket but just aren't up to it.  These ingredients are a must to keep in your pantry and fridge just for moments like these.

Empty 1-2 tins of good quality baked beans into a fry pan and bring up to a simmer. 
We always have rocket growing so I added a good handful of that to the pan along with 4 eggs or you can add more.
Pop on a lid or wrap in foil if you don't have one to fit and let the eggs poach in the beans until just still runny.
I also added some chopped up feta and fresh basil and a chopped up chilpotle peppers, but it's just as delicious without them.
I toasted some of our crusty homemade bread with a good spread of avocado.
Being a tight arse never tasted so good!

I'm finally getting to one of my bucket list for 2014 and that was to learn to crochet a granny square and hopefully a granny square blanket.  Let me tell you, I need a swear jar.  Goddang it ~ it's frustrating!!! But, surprisingly has me engrossed.  I've been scouring youtube and video based tutorials as I learn best watching.  I'm really enjoying it but haven't mastered it yet, all my attempts have been unstitched and I've still got just a ball of wool....after many trials but practice makes perfect, right?'s a test...who's still doing the 52 week money challenge?? It's week 22 for those that are :)

Ciao, Jan x


  1. That looks very delicious....I need to start my crochet as well........only problem was I changed my mine on the pattern but haven't committed to one yet so at a stand still. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. I try and keep these in my pantry. I love their spicy kick! :D


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