discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition

I was Melbourne on Australia Day weekend (I know I'm very late, but better late than never hey!!) to meet up with some gorgeous friends to eat some good food and go to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition.  I am saving the food adventure for another day soon as there are way too many photos for a combined post!!

If you have an aversion to see through onesies or some boobie shapes you might want to skip this post!  You remember Madonna and her famous boobie cones, Jean Paul was their creator, just to give you an idea of whats to come.  You can read more about the details and inspiration of the exhibition here, but unfortunately it has finished and Melbourne was the only Australian venue for "The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the sidewalk to the Catwalk." 
Grab a coffee, there is lots of photos :)
The national gallery of Victoria is a beautiful space and I just wished I'd had the will to go on this magical ride but spinning only makes me feel sick so I sat this one out :)

There were different areas of the exhibition - this one was amazing.  The mannequins faces looked so real, with a running video of a different face on each one, in real time so you were left wondering if it was in fact a real person!  Some were talking and some were singing.  It was eerie but very, very cool.

Above is JPG himself, beamed onto the mannequins face, to greet and to welcome us all to his wonderful, amazing world.

next dinner party outfit maybe?

Even the teddy on top of these suitcases has a cone bra on!!

anyone who knows me, knows I lurve animal print so this was a personal fav :)

I wonder if I could crochet this last one?!!?

So what do you think? I thought it was spectacular and my only regret is not to see it again as there was so much to take in the first time I don't think I got to experience it totally if that makes sense.

Excuse some of the photo quality, my new iphone takes a terrible photo, I'm devastated....I'm considering buying an actual 'good' camera, so any suggestions would be awesome as I have no idea.  Nothing too fancy but would like it to do some tricks :)

Ciao, Jan x


  1. I agree, Jan, this really does look spectacular! Glad you enjoyed it so much.
    I have a fancy pants camera I have yet to use. I like my canon point and shoot that lets you zoom 10X. It's definitely good enough for me.

  2. Some really iconic costumes nad outfits there! I still have the bottle of his perfume in the silhouette shape :)

  3. Great Pics Jan! I missed this when I was in Melbourne recently so I appreciate your post.

  4. Wow. I bet that was amazing to see in person. So unique and creative (and, at times, downright strange). I lived in France for a year with a French fashion design student and she came up with some pretty wild pieces. I love this stuff as art, but can't imagine actually putting any of it on.

    PS: I have a Canon Rebel and it's plenty of camera for me, though I confess to not using all of its features.

    1. Thanks for stopping to say hi Cassadie :) I'll keep that in mind x

  5. Fantastic photos Jan....I actually had JPG perfume in the boobie shaped bottle... beautiful fragrance.. I look at his waistlines in those images and think...if ONLY !!


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