discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Friday, 5 February 2016

In my kitchen ~ February 2016

It's that time of the month again where we hook up with the lovely Maureen from the orgasmic chef for the In my kitchen series for all kitchen foodie mad devotees from all over the world (and of course newbies are more than welcome) to show off what's been happening in the hub of so many of our homes - the woman cave called the kitchen! 
I'm excited this month as we have added some things that I've been waiting years for....settle in with a cuppa or a vino and take a peak :)

The first new thing in my kitchen is this electric kettle that is making my morning coffees a last kettle was a "whisper quiet" and let me tell you there was nothing bloody quiet about it!!! So this is a pleasure.
Now, let me introduce to you, in my kitchen is my new love, my life changing appliance....a dishwasher....I always knew we'd fall in love and I'm totally smitten with my clear and clean double sink ;) and my nail polish is lasting so much longer! 

The last addition of kitchen gadgetry is my new food processor - I have always had a small one which is no good for making pastry or anything big like a cake batter so this beauty has been getting a work out. 
In my kitchen has been so much basil I've been whizzing up this fabulous basil with extra virgin olive oil that is just perfect on roasted meats, added to a frittata or dolloped onto toast with squashed tomatoes for breakfast.

I lied, here is one more little gadget a julienne peeler I picked up for a song in New Zealand but man it is sharp! But, great and speedy way to change up some summer salads. 
In my kitchen has been loads of beetroots for pickling.
Now this is a very special addition to my kitchen this month and it's my great, great grandmothers flour canister.  I've been eye balling this for years at mama's and she had it all set out for me a few weeks back and I had to hold back the tears....I'm such a sentimental....but it holds 3kgs of flour and is a dream to get a cup scoop easily into.
In my kitchen finally on stream are tomatoes - it's another late season this year but just in time as I cracked my last jar of passatta from last year - you just can't beat home grown can you!
and lastly in my kitchen are so many peaches I'm going to look like one soon! I made a yummy peach & coconut chia pudding for breakfasts this week, but you just can't beat eating one over the sink and juice spilling down your arms and that's summer :)

Thanks for stopping by....ciao, Jan x

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

a photo a day for the month of January - week 4

It's the final week of the photo a day challenge for the month of January and I have really enjoyed doing it.  I've started the next photo a day challenge but might leave that on instagram as it's eating into my hooking time doubling up the photos :) You can catch me on @janelladean or for my crochet on @agluttonouswifehooks.

Day 22 "night"

Day 23 "play"

Day 24 "window"

Day 25 "numbers"

Day 26 "simplicity"

Day 27 "telephone"

Day28 "smile"

Day 29 "home"

Day 30 "flat lay"

Day 31 "me"

Ciao, Jan x
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