discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Monday, 16 December 2013

rosemary salt and the 2nd week of the DD challenge

For the easiest edible Christmas gift ever, take a good sized bunch of rosemary.  Give it a good wash and spin in the salad spinner.  You will need around 1- 1 1/2 cups worth of rosemary taken off the stems.  Add to that around 240g of sea salt and either blitz in a food processor or a morter and pestel until it is a fine consistency.
Put into cute little jars and give to your fellow foodie loved ones to enjoy.  It is great sprinkled on so many things.  
on a steak straight from the pan
over hot from the oven roasted vegies or chips
over a leg of lamb, whole chicken or beef before roasting
anything off the bbq ~ mushrooms, chops or ribs

Use this technique for a number of salts when you have herbs in abundance....parsley, coriander and thyme would work just as well.
This batch cost just the salt price, I used a good quality sea salt but you could use good old Saxa table salt if you really are on a shoe string budget.  It filled 2 small jars, so that's 2 more gifts for Christmas marked off my list for next to nicks but so delicous.


I'm afraid to say I've dropped the ball on the Decluttering Challenge this past week.  Our home became invaded by an ikky gastro bug, not a food lovers friend let me tell you!!! I am hoping to back in the saddle tomorrow and if any of you need a reminder of what we are doing you can read about it here.  Here's to a healthy week!

Ciao, Jan

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  1. I love anything that comes with the word "Homemade". And this rosemary salt can be useful each and every time!


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