discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Sunday, 8 June 2014

A photo a day for the month of June 2014 ~ week 1

I've come to a big realisation about myself lately and that is I love to be held accountable and I love something that keeps my mind active, in both a creative and thoughtful way.  This month for some inspiration and accountablility I've joined in Fat Mum Slim's Photo a day for June.  Each day has a word as inspiration for the photo you take.  If you want to follow along you can look me up on facebook here for a bit of fun, but I will post a comment about the photo on my blog.  I'm not going to post each day on here, I'll do it each Sunday with the weeks worth. Here is week 1

Day 1 "Joy" 
a day out with my family...Daddies girl...the emu stayed a safe distance away, they scare me! 

Day 2 "Doing"
My hubby is making this amazing wet stone wall in our back yard as a retaining wall.  He is a hard working treasure.

Day 3 "Family"
This is my favourite painting that my then 4 year old daughter drew and painted which is we have framed.  This is our family under a rainbow.

Day 4 "Ordinary" 
Magic our dog.  He's far from ordinary but it's an ordinary day waiting for his breakfast. 

Day 5 "11 o'clock"
Cooking, again :D

Day 6 "adventure"
On a walk near the river after the rain.

Day 7 "pattern"
My 7 year old is crazy for the loom bracelets and has taught herself how to make them.  

I'm already taking a peak at next weeks words of inspiration to get my juices flowing, so to speak ;) Do you follow any challenges or goals each month or do you just roll in this rhythm of life?

Ciao, Jan


  1. I agree with you when there is something to join in or follow along it makes for a nice little project. Love all your are you processing them. Lightroom or Photoshop...using presets etc. They all look very moody. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  2. Hey Kathy, I use my phone for the photos and edit through picmonkey a free internet editor. They are quite moody aren't they, wasn't my intension!! :)

  3. Lovely photos Jan, love the family painting by your daughter. Very cute!!!


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