discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Sunday, 4 January 2015

garden happenings and the last of the December photo a day challenge

Short and sweet ramblings today....Here is the final days of the photo a day for the month of December.  I've noticed it has gone from a month long challenge to a weekly one.  You can check it out here if you are interested.

Day 29:  "I need less of this" I will be trying

Day 30:  "us"

Day 31:  "my best bit of 2014" learning to be a hooker :D

I thought I'd also share some special garden moments that happened over the past few weeks.

There is no picture of the first tomatoes as they were greedily eaten before I even thought of getting a photo of them.  Gosh, I wish you could taste them.  They were picked on a hot summers day, still warm from the sun and even though it had a hint of orange, not the perfect red hue, it was sensational-juicy and sweet as a lolly.

First of the zucchinis and the last of the parsnips - these were made into sea salt and chilli chips as a little appetizer before dinner one night
my first apricot....I've been lovingly nurturing these along, covering from the birds but the winds we experience over the Christmas period I couldn't control.  Nevermind...walking out and picking my breakfast never tasted so good
 a new lot of beetroot, cos lettuce, and leeks coming on
I spy with my little eye....
the next lot of spinach coming up
Cavolo nero my fav leafy green...I've been lightly boiling it with other leaves (beetroot leaves, spinach, kolrabi), drain, get as much water out as you can and mix with a good tablespoon of coconut oil, salt and pepper - delicious and something I'm never tired of
I can't wait to go out and pick tonights dinner, what ever that may be :D

Ciao, Jan x


  1. Wow Jan your veggie garden is looking good. I just planted some corn, spring onions, capsicum and some cucumbers. Need to put some tomatoes in somewhere too. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

    1. I'm so lucky to have a wonderful veggie patch, but my husband has to take the credit, I water, pick, and cook from it!! I hope yours goes well too.

  2. How lovely to have such super fresh produce at the ready! When friends give me things from their veggie gardens I'm amazed at how crisp and fresh it is :D

    1. Shame I can't pop over and give you a big bag of goodies Lorraine! x


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