discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Thursday, 1 January 2015

New year resolutions and all that Jazz

Honestly, I feel a tad like, here we go again, another new year, another resolution.  I'm not big on them really, but I do like the idea of starting a fresh with the best of intensions.

There were a few posts that hit a cord with many of you and I'll share a couple here:

Last December, I mean 2 Decembers ago :) I was really excited by this 52 week money challenge for 2014 but unfortunately we hit some tough times and I had to break into the piggy bank half way through.  I love the idea of this challenge, but it really is a lot of extra moola to find once the 30 and 40 weeks hit.  So, no this won't be on my to do list this year, but it was the most popular post on my blog, so there must be some people interested in it!!

This is one of my favourite posts from last year, and a popular one too.  I really need to keep reminding myself to CTFD and take my own advice!  This is on my resolutions list.

This recipe for a whole roast of beef was hopefully inspiring to many of you to not just read it but have a go at cooking one.

Although this was an old post, it's one of my favourites and I still make this no knead bread every few days.  If you have been thinking of trying bread making, give this a go - it really is easy and so rewarding.

Given school and work will be back on our agendas, this post on lunchbox dazzlers might get  you inspired to get organised and do some baking for the freezer.

I'm going into 2015 with some resolutions, but the main one will be to blog more this year.  It might take on a more crochet/lifestyle edge due to my one new years resolution I conquered last year, to learn to crochet, which is probably part of the reason I really didn't nurture my little blog last year.  I won't force it, but I just know how much I enjoy it in my little patch of this crazy cyber world.

Ciao, Jan x


  1. Jan I like everything you blog about...always pop in to check it out....Have a wonderful 2015.

  2. I started out with the 52 week money challenge too and in the beginning of the year put some of those over $40 weeks in as extra's rather than at the end of the year but I too had to use what I had put aside as well and that's called life. I too wanted to do some crochet in 2014 and have finally started thanks to your lovely blanket you made your friend. Actually tonight I have made a really simple no sew tutu for Sienna for her birthday (it's on the 27/02). Just I used a ribbon or you can use elastic and then cut your tulle into strips and then loop them easy. Just jump onto pinterest and put no sew tutu and you'll find heaps of instructions. I bought the soft tulle from Spotlight 30% sale but I think that finished today. Keep blogging and showing off your craft projects or photography or's a nice way to record some of these things. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

    1. Thanks Kathy, my daughter would love the tutu...I just might take a peep xxx

  3. A very Happy New Year to you Jan! Thanks for an inspiring and delicious year in 2014 and I'm sure we will enjoy your posts for 2015 :D


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