discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Monday, 26 August 2013

Decluttering challenge ~ final week

TRAIN YOUR WIFE vintage poste
I found this on pinterest the other week and it makes me laugh.....I'm sure our husbands would love it if we learnt these valuable lessons.

I'm a bit unorganised today, usually I have quite a few posts drafted but was away at a wedding all the weekend so this will be short and sweet.

Ok so its time to go hard or have a cluttered home. Not sure if many of you have been keeping up the challenge.  I'm pleased to say by the end of this weekend, my linen cupboard will be finally in order, my shoes sorted out, kitchen pantry gleaming and my kitchen draw is still neat as a pin.  I'm going to continue with this decluttering mantra as often as I can as for me a clear house equals a clear mind.

Ciao Jan


  1. Have your got an email address for that poster?

    1. Hi miah, if you go to pinterest and type in train your wife it will come up :)


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