discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

gardening delights

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Summer....remember it? Warm sunny days, hot balmy nights. If you are living in my neck of the woods you, I'm sure, must be over it. Rain, hail, cold, wind. Caged animal rings a bell, and a freezing one at that!!!

So hope was restored recently when hubby made us some special planter beds. Hanging from the fence, dodgy old roof spouting rehashed into fancy strawberry beds. 12 weeks and they should be mine!!  Aren't they clever.

He assures me they are suppose to be crooked so when he hooks up the dripper come summer it will run down progressively but it messes with my OCD brain, they should be straight!!!  I'm shocking, put me in a room and I'll find the crooked picture frame without even thinking about it.

We've also got some beautiful brocolli, cauliflower, rocket, cabbage, rhubarb, cos lettuce,  and baby bok choy all ready to harvest this week.

baby bok choy

And these are a firm favourite, pod peas.   They should show their delicious selves in a month or so.  In the ground these past few weeks have gone parsnips, beetroots, gorgeous new potatoes, radishes, spring onions, carrots, cos lettuce, more rocket, and my beloved tomatoes which should all be ready for Christmas day lunch, so exciting, oh and I can't forget the onions and garlic planted at the start of winter should also be ready for the big day, I can just taste my garlic puff oysters already, better than any brought presents!  

Are you planning a summer vegie garden? If so what are you putting in?  If you haven't a huge green thumb, why not try some tomato seedlings in a few pots? We plant from saved seeds from last years tomato crop which obviously takes longer but grab yourself some when they come into the shops in a month or two. Pop it into a nice sunny spot and don't forget to water it and you will be greatly rewarded.

Ciao, Jan

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