discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Monday, 1 July 2013

Beautiful beetroots.....

It’s the school holidays….bittersweet really, no rushing out the door but lots of time to fill in and whinging and nagging which I don’t do well…..its only Monday and I’m already filling the 2 weeks. Hubby is on nightshift for this first week which doesn't help, I’m no good at quiet.
I can’t wait for shopping day on Wednesday, must start my menu plan too. Might even share it to give you an idea of what we are noshing on.
I’m using up freezer stores of food which isn't conducive to writing a food blog so I’m going to share a recipe anyway. 

Seeing as its in season, I’ll go for beetroot. I love beetroot, raw and cooked but definitely not the tinned variety unless it’s an emergency.  I’ll treat you to a delicious salad I use with my over flowing supply. One tip to readers for now and in the future, my recipes are usually easy, I don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen,  and also I’m terrible at measurements unless I’m baking. I go by feel, touch, and sight for lots of my dishes, if you think you need more of something or like or dislike an ingredient change it or add it. Especially when its only you and the family eating it, take some risks, try something new. I have a motto if it grows together it goes together. This is why I love making salads and savoury dishes, using up what you have either in the garden or at the back of the cupboard or fridge and making a delicious meal out of it. It sets my heart on fire.

Roasted beetroot, walnut & feta salad
4 small beetroots or 1 large one
few sprigs of mint if you have it but not necessary
Good squirt of balsamic glaze
2 good handfuls of rocket
1 small handful of walnuts
Enough feta crumbled  I’m using Geoff Jansz Marinated creamy Danish feta, its rich, creamy & stays solidish and not a crumbling mess
1 lemon for its juice, depending on how juicy it is

Give beetroots a good ole scrub and cut into quarters if using the smaller ones and eigths if larger. You needent bother cutting off the tops, they make it look pretty and are edible as long as cleaned up well. Place in foil with a balsamic glaze and salt and cracked pepper and a sprig or 2 of mint (I prefer sea salt like Maldon). Roast in a moderate oven, around 180 for 30-40 mins, until just tender. If you don't like the skin now while they are hot is the time to peel them, it will just fall off with some pressure from your fingers, use the washing up gloves if like me you don't want pink fingers. Allow  them to cool. Mix with other ingredients along with any juice left in the foil and add a good slug of evoo, touch more salt & pepper, and lemon juice. If you are watching your weight, just add a little evoo. Be gentle when tossing, you don’t want to totally mush everything up. If you happen to have some parsley and mint in the garden, chop it up and add it too, or a spring onion for that matter.This salad is great as a side dish to any roast meats or on its own with rice cakes(I don't like bread much, I'm a crunch low carb girl) spread with hummus or topped on a garlic pizza or in a wrap.

A word on rocket…..we love the stuff. My hubby grows it for us year round and there aren't many dinners we don’t have a salad with it or cook with it like you would spinach. If you have the inclination, take the time and grow your own. It tastes so soft and peppery compared to the horrible supermarket packet variety. Get some seeds, potting mix and a container, doesn't have to be a big back yard, a few old dodgy buckets would do, place in the sun and just remember to water it. This time of year that doesn't have to be that often. It’s so rewarding walking outside to get the ingredients for you dinner, and while you’re at it, grow some herbs too. Just the basics like flat leaf parsley, mint, thyme and rosemary will save you a bundle and add to your cooking so much. I know, it’s fine for me to say as my hubby does it all for me, but if he wasn’t around I’d get my hands dirty and do it, but with gloves on.

Ciao, Jan


                                                                      Our Rocket

Here's some pictures of our vegie garden at the moment, makes me laugh at the puppy proofing hubby has had to do.

Ciao, Jan


  1. You've inspired me to get our vegie garden organised these holidays!! And yes, love the puppy proofing!

  2. Loving this blog Jano!! :)

  3. hmmmm grow your own rocket hey?? I love the stuff!!! Best get Ben to add that to our veggie patch :)


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