discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Thursday, 11 July 2013

I didn't plan on this

Something happened today I hadn't planned on....drinks with a friend for tomorrow night... But I'm living on a $26.60 challenge!!!! I will not be one of those people who declines a wine because of dire straits, I'm going try or go down fighting...So the friend has offered the wine, bless her cotton socks, and I offered nibbles... Into the cupboards and onto the internet I went and found the makings for some little treasures, I hope.

I could have gone to the supermarket and brought somethings but I was up for this. I had been wanting to make my own ciabatta bread for years and here was my chance, although if its a brick I can still duck down to the shops before they get here. I will post the full recipe for this tomorrow but for now here is it bubbling away in the fridge, I know in the fridge over night!!

I also went out into the garden and raided the rocket and herb pots to make some yummy rocket, herb, walnut and parsley pesto. Another reason to grow your own rocket and herbies.


I had to sample just a little

My aim is a bruschetta of pesto and feta, hummus made from chickpeas out of a tin and a bowl of green olives, perfect!! I sampled the olives tonight while cooking roast chicken (to be posted in next few days just for you Jess) and they are yummy....
Ciao, Jan

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