discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Thursday, 4 July 2013

The quickest dinner for one

I had a different post already for today but last night we had our ‘fend for ourselves’ night. It’s a night where hubby and I just, well, fend for ourselves. And last night was a beauty. You have all had it, it’s no gastronomical mystery but its perfection can evade many….a poached egg.

The way to get the perfect poached egg is by firstly using the freshest eggs possible, don’t use the ones that have been in the fridge for a few weeks, you will be doomed from the outset, save them for baking or scrambled.  Use good quality eggs, free range and organic if you can, the chickens will thank you and in the scheme of things they are only a few $'s more. I once saw Jamie Oliver do a story on battery chooks and I've never brought that type of egg or chicken since - free range all the way baby. My mission this year is to get some chooks so I have the eggs fresh all the time, plus I’d love to have some girls free ranging in our yard, however there is one big problem with this plan, Coco our cat, but that’s another story for another time.

So you have your fresh eggs, next you have to decide whether you are a saucepan or microwave poacher. I go between both but last night it was microwave all the way, but the principle is the same for a saucepan. 

Take your microwave container and fill it with enough water that would be enough to cover your eggs. Put in mic until the water is steaming, around 4 mins. In this time, get your toaster out, toast in ready to go, any condiments you want( I love them with my homemade chutney), sea salt & pepper, plate, knife and fork. With a slotted spoon give the water a good stir creating like a whirlpool and crack your eggs in, 2 at a time is enough. Bang them back in the mic for 2ish mins, but check at around 1 ½, and put the toast down as well. Depends on your mic’s power really but don’t over do them. When they are still nice and soft, no ping pongs people, use the slotted spoon to lift out and let water drain off and onto your now cooked toast. Dinner is served!

Too easy really, why not try this next time you go to dial that pizza or go for take away, better for the waistline and the hip pocket. I had a simple yet seemingly gluttonous dessert too, a meringue nest with yogurt, strawberries and walnuts, low fat but oh so scrummy.

Ciao, Jan


  1. HI Jan
    I seen your site on Rhondas blog, I love a poached egg, shall keep an eye on your site.

  2. OMG Jan i am so have the cutlery i want....

  3. I've never been able to perfect the poached egg, so come Saturday morning brekkie, I'm going to give this microwave one a go!!! Cheers!


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