discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Break up with the supermarket ~ week 2 down!!

Well, well well....I'm here to tell you that this week has been a breeze.  Not a big boy in sight, hooray!!! I'm feeling very smug and quietly satisfied.  If you want to read about the start of the challenge you can do that here, and a bit more about it here and about the results of week one here. Its not too late to start, join me and see for yourself. 

So, how did my shopping experience and dollars fair this week? I'm actually shocked with the outcome. I've in the past fallen victim to the regime of doing the shopping on a certain day, so when that day rolls round I, thoughtlessly, would just go and shop.  Wasting money along the way.  I'm not sure why with this challenge that desire has ceased.  But it has.  I shopped at IGA and the fruit shop on Sunday this week.  Not only is the parking free (tight arse aren't I) but it was quiet.  IGA I noticed has soothing music piped in while you shop, Norah Jones and Hooty and the Blowfish got me in a zen like trance.  I also found at the entrance, a local smart saver newspaper for our area advertising coupons and deals from local retailers, this would NEVER have been at the big boys front door, that's probably why I've never seen it, but I used a coupon at Bakers Delight and saved $4 on what should have been a $10 purchase.  At the local fruit shop, Materias, I asked about the chance of getting organic fruit in.  The owner and I had a great discussion about it and I mention the blog, my facebook page and this challenge.  If I can get a hold of some others in my community that want the organic produce, he will source it for me, by the box only and I'd happily split it. So I've put the call out, will see if anyone out there wants to walk the talk with me.  I only spent $225 this week, thats $120 down from last week, and I even added to my stockpile and some more organice products.
A sign my mum gave me this week,
she must be reading my blog!
I've also cut up my rewards card from Woolies, I don't need it any more and after reading this thought provoking post from Jo at down to earth mother, their fate was sealed.  Such a shame as I'd just seen yet another email from them, telling me to shop up to get $40 cash to spend at Christmas ...what was the catch? Well I only had to spend $200 every week for 3 weeks, so $600, to get it. Let me do a comparison for you.  If I use the bakers delight coupon as an example, I will save $40 by only spending $100 over 10 weeks at Bakers Delight using the coupon I used there today.  I just saved myself $500!! They ended by telling me it was just another way that Woolworths is helping Aussie families save every day...may I just add there is never a mention of the poor Aussie farmers they are ripping off every day.  Clever marketing you may think, I think its a disgrace.

It's looking like the break up is serious now and there's a song that keeps creeping into my mind...Now you're just some body that I use to know.  

Ciao, Jan


  1. Good on you! Love that the "break up is now serious" :)

  2. Well done on the challenge!! I myself have been able to stay away from our supermarket for the whole week and managed to get almost everything I needed at our local Independant supermarket! There was a little bit of running around getting bits and pieces from other local businesses but it felt so good to help those people out rather than Mr Coles!!

    1. Hey Lynette, I'm wanting you to email me your postal address so I can mail you those mags if you still want them??? I had left a message on the other post about the giveaway. Anyway, its and they are yours : )

      Great effort on the challenge too, awesome!!! Feels good helping the local retailers doesn't it. Jan x


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