discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Sometimes even a pile of poo grows pretty flowers....

Sorry about the title but it sort of sums up this post.....I've been doing some fixing up of the layout of my blog, I've still got a ways to go, I'm really not that computer savvy, I can type fine but ask me to format a word document with funky indents etc and I'm a goner...don't tell my old bosses.  It was interesting going back and looking at all I have written in the past few months and do you know what? Thank god for my blog thats all I can say. I'll be forever grateful to the friends and family who encouraged me to do it.

From this blog you can't see that I'm not well, or sad, or angry or fed up.  I haven't been feeling especially chirpy this past week or so due to my illness, well really I haven't been well for 10 months but this little patch has been particularly bad, frustrating and leaving me having many pity parties for one.  My biggest frustration is the mind is willing but the body is unable.  This blog gives me the drive to get up off the couch and create something, anything, try new things in the kitchen for inspiration for the blog, read other blogs on the internet which is opening my eyes up to a newer simpler life, commit to silly challenges, delve into recipes I've previously deemed too tricky like bread, put on a happy persona and it gets me outside to take a look around for some possible photos to add.  Really look.  I don't profess to be any sort of photographer by the way, just me and my trusty  phone.  But every picture tells a story and its fun trying to get a good snap anyway, and it takes my mind of whats really going on inside of me.  So for that I'm extremely grateful.

Today I walked out my back door and I thought I'd share the little things that are happening that can otherwise get missed.....

The first picture up the top are my first apricots off the tree we planted last year, if I can eat some, bottle some or make jam I may just die from pure bliss.  We also planted a nectarine tree and have a peach tree that self seeded from our worm farm 8 years ago that gives us fruit too.  There is nothing quite like standing in your own backyard and eating from a tree, bush or plant that you have cared for and nurtured and coaxed along.

Below the most perfect silverbeet I've seen, not a grubby hole insight, it will become steamed and fried with garlic, chilli, lemon juice and evoo as a side dish over the weekend.

Above are flowers that will become super sweet, juicy strawberries and they are everywhere, hubbies old guttering planter beds are working a treat! You can just make out the dripper system he painsakenly made for them in the background.

My never fail Granny Smith Apple tree is showing its first blossoms.  We've treated the codling moth that rears its ugly head occasionally so I'm planning my appley delights already....I'm dying for my walnut & apple cake, apple and rhubarb crumble and plain old stewed apples.

Most important of all, is my buddy Magic.  Isn't he just the ducks nuts!  My daughter named him and even though the name doesn't roll off the tongue, he's been Magic for me.  He's my walking buddy, always there with a slobbery kiss and a big wag of his stumpy tail. (He lost 1/3 when born, and is affectionately know sometimes as Stumpy Johnson), he's a gentle old soul in the body of a silly 7 month olds body.  Oh and I'll let you into a doggie secret.  See the totem tennis to the right? We brought it for our daughter but its Magics toy. He seriously gets hours of fun out of it everyday.  Best 15 bucks we've ever spent!! And a god send for those days when a walks too much for me.

So thrill seekers, that's it.... its the little things that you find in amongst an otherwise stale day that can make your heart sing.  Why out of a shitty situation you must find some sunshine, some pretty flowers because they are there.

Why not get outside and smell the roses for 15 minutes, it will do you the world of good and you just might see something new.

Ciao, Jan

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