discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Thursday, 17 October 2013

homemade green cleaners

A few weeks ago, I swear I did serious harm to my lungs cleaning the shower.  The fumes I was ingesting as I was trying to holding my breath, counting to ten then leaving for 5 minutes so the chemical smell was gone to start the ritual all over again, its disgusting and I've had enough. I've been thinking about making some of my own cleaners as all this reading about a simpler life has lead me to read some really easy recipes.  Just put lemon cleaner or green cleaner into pinterest and see for yourself.  I tossed my bathroom mould cleaner as I'd had enough of coughing up a lung, and seeing as my orange anti-bacteria spray is almost all gone,  there's no time like the present.  

So to clean my shower now I'm using bi-carb soda mixed with water to a paste consistency and use either an old toothbrush or scrubbing brush and put in some elbow grease and rinse well.  I couldn't believe how wonderful this worked on my silver shower taps especially, you could see your self in them.  Although it wasnt a pretty sight, I have been doing this before my shower, and it doesn't take too long.

Some of you will be thinking the next time you see me I will be wearing tie dyed hippy pants and will have grown underarm hair, but I assure you its still the old me, I'm just on a steep learning curve and I'm an avid student!

I was given a gorgeous haul of lemons, oh how I'm blessed with true friends, so started the process straight away.  This recipe is the for a lemon all purpose spray however you can use any citrus peels like orange or grapefruit.  Great to use on your benches and stove tops, to wipe over the toilet, bathroom handbasin but don't use in on marble bench tops  if you are lucky enough to have them!

All you needed is some lemon peel (off around 3 good sized lemons), white vinegar, a jar or bottle with a lid and time.  Really? Thats it? Yep too easy campezy.  For the meagerly price of around $1 you can probably make around 500mls of spray, that's a win right there.  Try $4-$7 for the supermarket variety.  Don't forget to keep your original supermarket branded spray bottle, you may as well use it rather than toss it out saving you buying a new spray bottle, just give it a good hot wash.  You can also put aside a jar for orange peels you may collect over the week, then at the end of the week do the same.  I was too impatient and peeled the lemons straight away, but I have saved the juice to use as the week goes by, in a recipe or two, or I could freeze the juice in iceblocks to use later down the frugile road.

Let the peel and vinegar infuse for 2-3 weeks, so you do need to be a bit ahead of the game, then strain into a spray bottle and dilute it 50-50 with either water or vinegar and away you go!! Great for bench tops, stove tops or any general cleaning really.  N.B. I actually wrote this post a few weeks ago and since then I've also made a citrus blend, using orange peel and lemon peel.  The first batch should be ready next week!!

Do any of you use your own cleaners?

Ciao, Jan


  1. hi just wondering if this would be ok to use on stainlees steel, if u have used this on stainless before

  2. It should be absolutely fine, but if you are worried try it on a less obvious spot. Vinegar is not a harse abrasive though so my research says go for it :-) ....Jan

  3. I do this too. Some of those bought chemical filled cleaners are bad and this is so easy and cheap, why wouldn't you?



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