discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Break up with the supermarket ~ week 3 down!

Vintage Rose Brocante
Phew, its been a busy few days, after a lovely weekend with friends which involved lots of eating, talking and drinking and eating some more, I then headed to the big smoke for an appointment, so I apologise for the tardiness of this weeks wrap up of the supermarket break up.

Guess what.......I'm afraid to say I failed! But I have a very good excuse.  One was hubby was home doing the groceries as I was away and he went to Coles (for the record Coles are the only store that stock his beloved daily addiction to Hoyts hot chillies, he did go to IGA looking for them too so at least he tried!!) But he also went to Woolies,  traiter but I still love him.  My fail was I couldn't stand the thought of eating from the train food kiosk for my 3 hour journey and wanting to save a buck so I went into the Woolies at Southern Cross Station.  Seriously this store is a supermarketers marketing wet dream.  Just the ticket for travellers.  Lots of salads, tubs of great yoghurts, hot soup urns, fruit, free plastic cutlery. So after a foodie heaven few days and my jeans reminding me of it, I settled on a tub of greek yoghurt, a banana and a packet of cheese and bikkies for my train dinner all for a tidy $5.80.  So am I forgiven....I thought so.

Due to visitors and not being home for a days, meals out and the like, this weeks shopping dollars aren't a real summary but I'll tell you anyway,  $270  which was from hubbies trips, Aldi and the fruiterer where he got me in a box of organic apples that I'm splitting with 3 other familys.  It worked out to be $18.50 for roughly 2.75kg's which is, if you do the math, only $6.70 a kilo, very reasonable I think considering last week I paid $4.99 a kilo for 'normal' pink lady apples.  So if you are in my neck of the woods and want to do the same, either hook up with me via email or my facebook page and I'll split them with you or even better, call Materias and ask for Mario, he'll sort you out, just be prepared to get it by the box.  And let me tell you, they are fantastic, sweet, crisp, juicy and appley, like straight off a tree.
How did you go this week? One week to go!

Ciao, Jan

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