discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

a pretty berry yoghurt cheesecake

I have a confession to make. I have a new foodie crush and its a girl.  I'm still crushing on Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and to a lesser extent Guy Grossi, Jamie, Maggie Beer and Nigella, but after reading her laugh out loud book and nodding my head at her foodie stories, I've now got a crush on the blog of Not Quite Nigella.  I had read Lorraine's blog a few times before reading her book but I have a daily addiction now.  Lucky for me, she blogs full time and daily.  The photograpy is artistically beautiful, the stories endearing, and with recipes that make you weep with the pure cleverness, skill and expertise. I'm afraid I'm smitten.

This cheesecake recipe is a mixture of the NQN recipe for a strawberry cheesecake with my own personal spin. I used a different jam, Bonne Maman fruits of the forest conserve (my favourite French jam) and for the base  I used my anzac slice recipe with pretty good results.  I also used Jalna bio-dynamic organic whole milk yoghurt and lite philly cream cheese.  I was nervous making this, it looked very technical but I followed the recipe step by delicate step.  I was so thrilled with the result and it really wasn't as hard as I first thought.  The chevron jammy pattern worked out perfectly.  I'm a bit of a follow my nose kind of cook,  truth be told.  I've always followed my instincts rather than follow a recipe to the letter.  Its only been these last few months that I've started making dessert, cakes and breads that I'm following recipes, and you can see from this one I can't help but bend the rules a little. 

In the past, I've always been the first to order the birthday cake for a special occasion thinking I could never bake a cake, especially a iced, fancy one. But come to think of it, I'd never really tried. What I'm learning is you don't have to stay defined by what you previously pegged yourself as.  I always just thought I couldn't bake so I never did.  Its like I've opened Pandora's box now though! Pass me the beaters and crank that oven up.  The only problem is, I'm now totally and utterly head over heels, hooked on baking, and sweet treats are becoming a daily indulgence.  I just hope my family and friends don't start avoiding me as I'm forever trying to off load my new vice as my freezer is already stocked with these goodies....."Here she comes again...." 

I'm sorry I've been lazy and not transcribed the recipe for you.  I had to share some pictures of the steps though.  I want you to all click on the link above to the recipe and have a look at this blog for yourself.  Be warned though, Not Quite Nigella is as good as her cooking diva name sake.

After waiting 3 hours for it to be set, I got my large cheffy knife, ran it under hot water and was ready to start slicing.  And how was it? Well I have to be honest, next time I make it I will do the base the same as the original recipe on NQN.  I think there was maybe a little too much going on in my mouth.  It definately benefited from a bit more jam added when plated up, and what sweet delight doesn't benefit from a cup of tea to team it perfectly.

If you really are an insatiable foodie like me, can talk with a mouth full of marbles under water about the topic, you really should grab a copy of the book 'Not quite Nigella' by Lorraine Elliot, it really makes you feel like you aren't alone with our love of good food and company.  I'd love to offer to send mine but I'm keeping it to read again and again.  A big thank you to Marianna 

Do you have a foodie crush? Who would you love to have dinner with if you had the chance? You know who would be on my list!
I can't wait to tackle the next recipe I find...but I might just wait a few days as my jeans really are getting tight, but its been worth every inch of tight denim.

Ciao, Jan


  1. Dear Jan, what a beautiful post to wake up to! I'm so honoured that you liked my book and made the cheesecake and found the instructions so simple-I think your swirls were better than mine and certainly much neater too! :D Thank you for the wonderfully kind words about my book-they mean so much to me :)

    1. Without having a love fest, thank YOU for taking the time to look at my little ole blog and for offering your kind words as I know you must be busy, it really warms my heart :)


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