discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Ditch your credit card for the month of November ~ week 2 down!

Things... we could do without
I had an email from one of my credit cards, yes I have 2...and guess what it have a balance of $0.00!!! Hallelujah!!! This my dear friends is a new thing for me.  I usually start paying down the credit card when I get that first notification.  I'm so happy I've done this and hopefully broken the vicious cycle I was in.  And for the record, its the same for the other credit card, zero!!  

You can read more about the challenge here and here.  But please don't think its too late, there is still 19 days left of November, and if you stopped using your credit card as of now, you will definately still make an impact.  What are you waiting for?

so long
Would you consider chopping up a card?  I'm not cured of that yet, but stranger things have happened.  I still haven't been into Coles or Woolies since the  break up with the supermarket challenge back in October and that for me is incredible.  I haven't missed it either.
If you have been playing along with me, how are you coping? Are you surprised at being more aware of what your actual temptations are? 

Ciao, Jan

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