discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Friday, 1 November 2013

Novembers Challenge ~ Ditch your credit card for the month

Christmas Money Tree
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way......Its Christmas next month, can you believe it? So I thought to help with the christmas credit card crunch that so many families go through in December and are left to swallow for a big chunk of the new year to pay off, it would be helpful to lay off the credit card for November.  

For many people, credit card debit is like an invisible noose that can be weighing you down with worry and anxiety.  I'm not try to sound like a smarty pants, but I pay off ours each month as I hate the thought of giving the banks even more money in interest.  But most months when the statement comes in I cringe at how much I've actually spent on them and it blows any chance of me saving any money.  I'd forgotten about the clothes I'd brought that are in the wardrobe untouched or the shoes I just had to have.  I'm sure I'm not alone, am I? Many families are living way beyond there incomes, and I could go on with ways and what for's but I just want a simple challenge that may just ease that burden this time of year.

It can also mean that it gives you a month to pay down any credit card debt you have already on the card and shop a little more mindfully this month.  If you really, really want an extra challenge, how about making it work even more for you by not using your eftpos card either.  I just heard someone freak out. What?! No eftpos....yep, it can be done.  All you need is some planning and you might be surprised at how much you could save.  Especially if you have a limit as to how many free transactions you have each month with your bank, and any over you are being charged for. 

A good starting point for the extra challenge and the credit card one is to think about your pay cycle ie weekly, fortnightly, or monthly (seriously though really?? Monthly?  I admire you if you get paid monthly as I would panic!!!), have a really good think about what you spend on groceries, any bills that might be due, a little pocket money and go and withdraw it on payday from the bank.  It will make you think a bit more before you spend if you have cold hard cash in your wallet that is getting lower.  If you can't bear the thought of no eftpos, then just pay your bills and anything else with it, no credit, and see where you end up or how much you really do need that extra pair of heels.

While we are talking christmas, did you know that Aussies are tipped to spend billions on christmas this year, and even scarier is we reportably receive millions of dollars of unwanted gifts.  That is alarming.  Our family always buys for everyone on my dads side.  This year I have convinced them all to break with tradition and we are doing a Kris Kingle.  Its not that I'm being a tight arse, its just a blatant waste of money when none of us really needs anything.   For me its more about the day and being together to celebrate it as a family, enjoy a meal, a few vinos and hopefully all without a fight or a visit from the crazy relations.  

Hmmm after writing this weeks ago, I think I need to create a stipulation of allowing your credit card for any monthly direct debits, and products you can only get online but that is it.  That doesn't mean christmas shopping online or ebay impulses.  It is only for items like my who gives a crap toilet paper that I have to order in the next week!! The point of the challenge is really for the items you buy on impulse or that you could just as easily pay cash for.  I know I've blurred the lines but lets see how you go.  Remember to comment as it keeps us all spurred on.  If you can't comment due to not having a google account, then get one!  Or come and visit me on my facebook page and you can comment there.  It takes minutes and will be more fun!!  I'll check in each week with a saving tip or two and some recipes for some homemade gifts that I'll be giving this year.

So, who is with me?  I'm committing to the credit card part but if you are super excited I'd love to hear from you if you decide to ditch the eftpos card too.  

Ciao, Jan


  1. This is a really important issue and I hope lots of people take you up on your challenge. I am shocked at how many sensible people I know are working purely to pay off credit cards.
    We have a credit card for emergencies and keep it in a filing cabinet. We both do a lot of internet shopping and have Visa-debit cards for these purchases. It is possible to survive (and thrive) with less, there's no need to run up massive bills on, effectively, nothing. Great challenge, Jan!

  2. I have no credit card debt; so guess that makes me one of the lucky ones. Back in the day when we first married; we saved and we pretty much bought everything second, third, fourth-hand or how ever many. So grateful for Hubby's strict discipline and frugal attitude back then. Kids now gone and we can live it up a little.

    Wishing you luck with your credit card challenge. x


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