discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Monday, 18 November 2013

The weekend wrap and my first rally

It was a beautiful weekend in my parts, sun was shining and the kitchen was kept busy with lots coming in from the garden.  So I thought I'd just show you some pictures of the goings on....
My girl had lots of fun making these little pizzas with my christmas cookie cutters....ham cheese and prawn if you don't mind!
Potato & Rosemary for the grown ups
Free-range roasted chicken (yep thats butter under the skin, diet starts tomorrow!)
An easy herb 'pesto' although there is no cheese, just herbs (coriander, mint,parsley), walnuts, sunflower kernels, s & p, evoo and lemon juice
This pesto is a perfect addition to this broadbean, silverbeet and feta frittata.  We have silverbeet coming out of our you know where, but I love it put through its paces.  I just use it where you might find spinach in a dish.  For this frittata, take 6-7 freerange eggs, a good dollop of pesto and whisk together with a few slurps of soy milk, or regular milk, lets say 1/3 of a cup
gently steam 5 or 6 silverbeet with the stalks removed and roughly chopped  with the broadies for around 3 minutes.  Wring out any excess water and allow to cool slightly before folding through your eggy mixture along with some salt and pepper, don't be stingy
Grease a flan dish and pour in egg mixture and dot with a good feta.  I used this local Apostle Whey feta from a producer an hour away

A perfect match for my chutney

Away from the kitchen, Sunday was national day of climate change action and there was a group action in my home town.  I went with my daughter and a friend to show our support but was disappointed that there was only a small group of 50 or so considering our towns population of over 30,000 people.  But, from little things big things grow.
This ladies sign is 14 years old and was made for a World summit rally all those years ago
Everyone was encouraged to wear hot summer colours
sign the petition

Advance Australia fair!

While we are on the sustainablity mantra, I brought a box of new loo paper which arrived last week.  I'm here to tell you I'm really impressed. The company is called Greencane.  It is made from the residue left over from sugar extraction, so aims to minimize deforestation and is made to world standard eco accreditaion.  I shallowly love the whiteness of this paper and its more luxurious feel and look.  I do prefer it over the who gives a crap toilet paper if I had to choose, but I love the idea behind both of these companies and will alternate between the two though to throw my support at both.

Had some time for relaxing with some foodie mags, many a cupa and a yummy afternoon tea of fresh mango, greek yoghurt, walnuts & chia seeds (I'm addicted to them)
I've also found my knitting mojo and have completed my first poppy for the 5,000 poppy project, I'm loving the process, its a quick and easy pattern, I might keep going past the original aim of 3....

So thats it, a lovely quiet yet productive weekend.  Now that Monday is here, there is lots coming up on the blog as my creative juices have been flowing.

Did you attend the climate change rally in your area?  I saw some pictures of the one held in Melbourne and the numbers looked impressive which is great.  I'll leave you with one of the speakers lines which have been ringing in my ears, it was a lovely speach but 3 words that made me stand up straighter and pay attention were "I condemn ignorance", I'm making it my duty to become well informed, will you?  

Ciao, Jan


  1. Everything in this post sounds delicious down to the yogurt at the end! And thanks so much for asking about the cheesecake recipe. Of course you can do that and I hope that you like it! :D

  2. You are very kind Lorraine, thank you. I'm patiently waiting to cut the cheesecake! It looks fantastic, I hope it tastes as good as it looks. Cheers Jan x


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