discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Fruit Storage

I received my first box of organic mixed fruit today from Port Fairy Organics, it was very exciting! But there was one problem ~ too much fruit to eat in a few days. I thought I'd run through easy ways to store your fruit so you can still be enjoying it for a week or more.

Apples: pick through your apples and do a rating of their individual quality. Put the best ones in the fruit bowl, enough for a few days, and the rest into the fridge.  If there are any with bruises or blemishes, put them aside to cook or bake with or what I love to do is to grate one onto my cereal.  You can store apples for a lot longer if you individually wrap them in newspaper and put in a cool place, good to know if you are lucky enough to have a tree or have a box you need to store, as they can stay this way for a month or two.

Kiwi fruit: pick through your kiwi fruit and any ripe ones are best kept in the fridge or a few in the fruit bowl.  Any unripened ones can be stored with a banana which will help the process along.

Bananas: any ripe bananas can be stored in the fruit bowl, or in the fridge for a few days.  Another great way to store ripe or over-ripe narna's is to peel and freeze in ziplock bags.  Slice them up and defrost as you need them, great if you use them in smoothes (no need to defrost) or for banana bread or muffins.  Any under-ripe fruit can be kept longer by keeping them in a dark, cool place and away from other fruit.  On a plate in one of your pantry shelves would be fine.  Likewise, if you want the under-ripe fruit to ripen quickly, put them in the sun or in with your other fruit.

Strawberries: these unfortunately only have a short shelf life but you can help them stay fresher longer by doing a few little things.  Take them out of their plastic containers and put them in a tupperware, or the like, container lined with paper towel.  Don't be tempted to wash them, they are like sponges, wash them before you are going to eat them.  Go through them and discard any mouldy or blemished ones.  Place in the the fridge and you should get a few extra days out of them.

I hope that helps you enjoy your fruit for a bit longer anyway.  I'm eyeing off the strawberries as we speak!

Ciao, Jan

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