discovering a simpiler life

discovering a simpiler life

Friday, 8 November 2013

week one done and dusted of the ditch your credit card challenge

The Depression
Week one down and i haven't touched the credit cards.  I've used my visa debit card but that is using my savings account.  I didn't even need it to order the loo paper as I could use paypal so I'm sticking to the rules! 

How did you go?  You either did or you didn't, you are either scared or not scared.  If you did take the challenge up, pay some of that money onto your credit card today to help avoid paying any interest.  Interest just makes that bargain you just can't live without expensive, or that must have luxury item gold plated.  We have become so self absorbed in the belief that we are owed these items, we deserve them, we work hard for them.  Pfft, we've taken the marketing line hook line and sinker. Here's another thought for you: When was the last time you actually layby'ed something? Remember layby? It still is available you know. 

I'm aiming to have nothing on my credit card at the end of this month which is very unusual for me.  As I said last week, I always pay off my monthly balance but it often creates a vicious cycle of paying down so much and leaving us with less money to use in that pay period and so the cycle continues.  But not any more. 

Credit cards are not there to make life easier for us (although if used wisely they do). They are a wolf in sheeps clothing. They are there because the banks and credit card companies want us to use them and grab a big amount of interest off you.  It's not just the vulnerable, poor,  or ill informed that get sucked in to this trap.  Its also the educated, the middle class or just plain greedy that end up with credit card debt.  Each to there own but how are you sleeping at night?

So if you haven't taken up the challenge yet, its not too late to start.  Just START!!! 

This new book and series of Jamie Oliver's is well and truly on my radar for obvious reasons, its on my Christmas present list from a family member. Normally I'd just go and put it on credit but I can wait until then for it.

The mothership has landed - Save with Jamie

I wish with all my heart you take me up on this offer and would love to hear from you if you do.  I just want you to wake up and smell the BS really and to get out of financial trouble as every little bit helps.

Ciao, Jan

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